Snowy dog walk in the Peak District

Top Track Jan 2013

Before: Enjoying a sunny dogwalk in January

Last Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and Tilly and I had a lovely dog walk close to where we live, the sun was shining, walkers were out in their droves and everyone was having a lovely time.

Top Track after snowfall Jan 2013

After: Snowy dog walk in the Peak District

As always, the Peak District weather can change very rapidly and this is what our dog walk looked like the next day, first thing in the morning!

We woke up to a light smattering of snow, but it looked beautiful later in the day, when the sun was shining.

Throughout the week, the snow kept coming and the temperatures stayed low, so nothing  melted, it all simply accumulated. Here’s a video of the same location 6 days later after the snow had drifted. Great fun for children and dogs!!

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