Treak Cliff Cavern

Dog Friendly Treak Cliff Cavern

Dog Friendly Treak Cliff Cavern

Well this one was a surprise!  I only found out about this because staff at another Cavern told me.  Having checked their website, it quite clearly states that Dogs are welcome at all times!

Treak Cliff Hill in Castleton, is said to be the only place in the world, where Blue John stone naturally occurs. The Treak Cliff Cavern continues to mine, process and manufacture Blue John to this day.

This mineral known as the Blue John stone, is a unique banded form of flurospar and the name is said to have come from the french words “bleue et jaune” or blue and yellow to you and me.

There are plenty examples of this mineral that can be purchased both in the gift shop and other shops around Castleton and the Peak District. Many have been worked into pretty pendants and jewellery, but you can also buy pieces of the stone.

It is great to see that dogs are allowed in this special cavern, because all members of the family can visit the cavern and see the spectacular sights that await them.

Check their website for details about special events and times.

Afterwards there are plenty of dog friendly pubs to visit in Castleton or perhaps try a dog friendly cafe.

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