Would you pay £100 for dog walking wellies?

If you’d have asked me a year ago if I would have been prepared to spend a £100 or more on wellies, I would have said “No way”, but having thrown out countless pairs of split wellies, I decided to invest in a pair of leather country boots. I figured that since they were made of leather, they would last longer, and if I managed to keep them for more than one year, I would be financially better off, as it was costing me at least £40 every time I bought a pair of muck boots, and they were only lasting about 3 months before they split across the top of the boot.
After a lot of research I found a pair that would suit me. Sadly I don’t have stick thin legs, so I need the wider fitting boots for my chunky calves. The pair of boots that I found fitted this description. They were also waterproof and had well insulated soles, so no cold feet in the winter. Even better, I could tuck my jeans in too. These are the pair I chose….

I’ve now been wearing them for over a year now, and they are still going strong. If I was going to make any negative comment, it would be that the boots sag around the ankle a bit. Having said that, I have seen people wearing other types of country boots, which seem to do the same thing.

Recently, I have been looking around for a second pair of boots, and would really like to get another pair of Toggi’s, but just to double check, I have been trawling the website to see if there are any other possible alternatives. There are a couple that seem to stand out.

A popular mums website was recommending neoprene lined boots, in particular, Aigle. Having done a bit more research, there seems to be a good pair of boots which are suitable for dog walking, called Aigle Parcours. They seem to come in a range of colours and styles and many are unisex fit. The one’s that I am more interested in, are the ones with the adjustable strap. These are more likely to cater for the chunkier calves. You can see a picture of them here:

Finally, the last pair of boots that were recommended were called Derwent Muck Boots, now I’m not sure if the picture I am showing you is actually Derwent boots, but they are definitely muck boots. The reviews for these are great for dog walking, but to be honest, for the money, I would rather buy another pair of my favourite Toggi Canyon Boots. because for similar money, they are leather and may possibly last longer……

Here’s a picture of the muck boots if you are interested….

If you can recommend a pair of favourite wellie boots for dog walking, then please let me know. I’m always looking out for different options!


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