Dog Walk in Eyam

Photo by DncnH

Photo by DncnH

A brief history of Eyam

During the Plague, the village of Eyam suffered dreadfully, as did many of the Peak District villages. However, the locals attempted to stop the disease being spread further, by putting themselves in quarantine. Apparently the plague virus had been brought into the village by a local tailor on some infected cloth which he had bought whilst in London. The tailor himself died quickly, and 250 other villagers also died, including the rectors wife (the rector himself had instigated the quarantine).  Eyam – is often referred to as the Plague village, and there are some nice walks and some lovely dog friendly cafes to visit afterwards.

Try the Cafe Village Green, which is in The Square in Eyam, and also Eyam Tea Rooms, just across the road.

Our walk (in brief)

1. I parked in Eyam Hall car park (this is a National Trust car park, you’ll need to be a member to park here). Other parking is available, just follow the signs in the village.

2. I turned left and walked up main street, until I reached what was once a public house. I then turned left into Tideswell Lane and followed this up the hill and then turned left onto Windmill Lane. If you have an OS map, there is a loop which takes you around Dunlow Farm and eventually loops back into Tideswell Lane, but there are a lot of sheep and lambs in these fields and dogs must be kept on leads.

3. Instead of taking the loop around Dunlow Farm, because I was short of time and wanted to get to the coffee shop before it closed, I simply turned left down Dunlow Lane, which actually brought me back to the rear of the Eyam Hall car park. I did notice that there were footpath signs to The Delf and Eyam Dale which looked quite interesting so that’s maybe for another day!

I’ve grabbed a quick google map so that you can see the location, hopefully it will help you gain your bearings around the village. You may find you need to expand the map to see all the details and road names.

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