Ideal dog walking coat for wet weather!

It’s days like today, when the rain is pouring down, that your dog walking clothing is really put to the test. Whatever the weather, the dog still needs to be walked, whether it’s raining, hailing or snowing. Walking in the rain is not my ideal choice, but at least if you’ve got the right kit, you should remain dry….

Whilst I was out walking in the woods during our last bout of heavy rain, I noticed one of my dog walking friends wearing a long raincoat which looked ideal for the weather conditions. He was wearing it with welly boots, so he was completely covered from head to toe.

Since I am not very “au fait” with fashion, I asked him where he had got his coat from. He told me that both him and his wife had got one, in fact his wife had liked it so much she bought two! One for dog walking and another for “best” i.e for wearing when the dog wasn’t present!  He told me that the coat was 100% waterproof and brilliant for wet days.

As soon as I got home I googled Jack Murphy Malvern Ladies Full Length Waterproof Coat which was the name of the coat he was wearing. Obviously his version was the mens! To be honest the mens and ladies styles seem very similar.

I could see from the Amazon page that there were loads of reviews, 78 at the time of writing. I read through a lot of the reviews and was very pleased to notice that nearly all of them were dog walkers! They all highly recommended this coat, so I bought one!

I have to say, it is absolutely brilliant in wet weather. I get comments every time from dog walkers and questions about where they can buy one from.

In terms of sizing, you perhaps need to drop down a size, as they are very generous. Just make sure you have enough room around your hips for getting over stiles etc!

I nolonger need to wear waterproof trousers when it rains, just pull on my wellies and my coat and off I go. It was well and truly tested this morning, when I went out in the pouring rain, and the only bit of me that got a bit damp, was the inside of my knees where the flaps of the coat dripped some rainwater on. Other than that I was bone dry!

A great coat, all I need to do now is find some better wellies that don’t keep splitting with all the use they get… Any suggestions?

For now, here’s a picture of the coat….

Dog Poo is NOT dog friendly!

Just come back from a dog walk and need to have a rant about people not picking up their dog's poo….. The Tissington trail is a lovely dog friendly walking trail, which is shared with cyclists and walkers alike. It is normally kept very clean and tidy, but I was disgusted today by the amount of dog poo deposited in the middle of the walkway.  As a responsible dog owner, I always pick up my dog's poo, whether it be on the path or halfway up a mountainside.  The reason I do this, is because I figure if I can get to it, then so can children who could be playing in the area.  I use bio degradable poo bags – you can find them in supermarkets, but often nappy sacks are cheaper than those designed for dogs – don't ask me why.

Anyway I had a look on amazon and found some jumbo packs that you can buy. 


These should keep you going for a while.  Now you never say that you haven't got any… Just make sure you tuck a few in your pocket, the next time you go on a dog walk.

Dog Walkers dilemma – what to wear?

One minute it’s T shirt weather, the next full scale waterproofs!  A coat is great with pockets full of dog treats, poo bags, mobile phone et al, but where do you put all the essentials, when you’re only wearing a t-shirt?  The answer, I found last year, was a bum bag. But let me tell you, this is looking pretty dirty and scruffy this year….

Flicking through my dog magazine, I found the perfect answer….the DOOG Walkie Belt

It comes with 30 bio degradable and scented poo bags, as well as some anti-bacterial handwipes, which is a bit of a bonus!  There is plenty of room for treats, keys, some money and your mobile phone. All essential dog walking items.

The cheapest price I found for the DOOG Walkie Belt was £16.50, but there is an alternative, see below:

Now I know what I am adding to my shopping list, so much easier for dog walks…..